Welcome to this episode of the Cowgirls with Cameras podcast, where Kim, Phyllis and Cara are here to share their tips on “getting things legal” with your photography. They cover a variety of topics, such as copyrights, releases and contracts. All of these components are important to understand in order to ensure that your photography […]
Going pro is a big decision. We all three regularly mentor photographers making this move in their life — and we have some wisdom to offer to you if you’re considering hanging out your shingle as a professional photographer. Even if you have a photography business up and running, this episode will offer you ways […]
Kim, Phyllis and Cara are back with another episode of the Cowgirls with Cameras podcast, this time focusing on how equine photographers can get their creative juices flowing again. From brainstorming ideas to stepping away from the camera for a bit, the trio have got some great tips to help you break out of that […]
When we looked back on our experiences with workshops, educational opportunities, and mentors, all three of us saw room for improvement in the way these activities were delivered. In our careers, we have all experienced interactions within the photographer community that left us feeling like photographers like us were not well represented in the industry […]
As equine photographers, our images need a place to call home. For those of us just starting out, creating a website can seem like a daunting task. That’s why on this episode of the Cowgirls with Cameras podcast, Kim, Cara and Phyllis are here to share their thoughts on the must-haves for a photography website […]
As we move into the new year, let’s make a plan for our equine photography futures! Let’s set some goals and break away from any old habits that might be holding us back. Let’s make room for new habits that will help us reach our dreams!
Confidence as a photographer can sometimes feel like a moving target! Join Phyllis, Kim and Cara as they discuss the ways that they struggle with confidence in their photography and tips that they use to battle the comparison monster and grow confidence in their photography.
What camera mode do you like to photograph in? Are you all manual or do you wander around the mode dial a bit? In this episode, the Cowgirls with Cameras dive into the world of shooting modes. Join the Cowgirls with Cameras at an upcoming event! Learn more https://cowgirlswithcameras.com/events/ Follow the Cowgirls with Cameras on […]
On this episode of Cowgirls With Cameras, Kim, Phyllis, and Cara give their take on how they have used photographing equine/equestrian events in their businesses. They touch base on the Dos and Don’ts of horseshow photography etiquette and provide insight on how equine photographers, who would like to try event photography, can make best use […]
On this episode of the Cowgirls with Cameras podcast; Kim, Cara, and Phyllis give a preview of some of the amazing equine photography events scheduled for 2023. to learn more about upcoming horse photography workshops, educational opportunities, and retreats head to Cowgirls with Cameras.
Build your business around the life you want, don’t build your life around the business you create. 
Well hello! Phyllis, Kim and Cara have been on the road all summer hosting equine photography workshops and retreats but they are back in the recording studio to bring you an end of Summer bonus episode where they share all about their Summer adventures and talk a little about the self care they had to […]
On this episode of Cowgirls with Cameras, Kim, Phyllis, and Cara chat about all the things they wish they knew BEFORE starting their photography businesses. Be sure to stop by the Cowgirls with Cameras website: https://cowgirlswithcameras.com and be sure to follow us on social media @cowgirlswithcameras.  The Cowgirls with Cameras Photography Challenge for this episode! […]
Models are important to your photography business even if you don’t do high fashion shoots. Models are key in building your portfolio, shooting commercial imagery, and building your stock catalog. Knowing how to find and work with models is a part of almost every photographer’s business. In this episode, Kim, Cara, and Phyllis break down […]
It’s one thing to be a photographer at home or in your own studio and another to be a traveling production! The Cowgirls with Cameras have all had a LOT of experience packing gear all over the world and through some sticky situations. In this episode you will learn some of their favorite tips and […]
Your portfolio is a curated collection of your very best images and represents the types of work you hope to create in the future AND the type of clients you hope to attract. In this episode of Cowgirls with Cameras, Phyllis, Kim and Cara take a deep dive into the importance of curating a portfolio, how […]
Workshops and retreats are big investments of your time and money. They can also be one of the most rewarding activities you can do as a photographer. On this episode of Cowgirls with Cameras, the photographers dig into the inner workings of workshops and retreats and how you can get the most out of your […]
Art of the Cowgirl is an annual event in Arizona hosted by Tammy Pate and a host of amazing artists, cowgirls, and horsewomen. For the past three years, Kim and Phyllis have been the workshop leaders for the event’s photography workshop and Cara minds the CWC art booth. In this episode, the Cowgirls with Cameras […]
If you … You love horses and taking pictures Want to learn how to use your camera better Want to take your photography to the next level Want to start or improve your equine photography business What to travel to to new and exciting destinations Want to expand your creativity Would love to meet like […]
Join Kim Beer, Cara Taylor Swift, and Phyllis Burchett on their photography adventures. Along the way you’ll laugh, learn, and take your photography craft to the next level!